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coupe file pour 7 attractions - Baggy Fast

The Baggy fast, how does it work ?


 Baggy Fast can be used 7 times from a choice of the following attractions:

  • The Ciné Dynamik
  • The Famous Jack
  • The Gaz Express
  • The Raft
  • The River Splash
  • The Silver Wings
  • The Triops

 1 Baggy Fast per person


 Special queue or directional sign


Handy for busy days!


Non-refundable if not used and/or lost


Valid only on the chosen day

  • Online or on site


Purchase your Baggy fast

Image d'illustration du Twist'Air, sur fond transparent bleu pour mettre avant l'offre Baggy'Pass Enfant


Baggy Fast

7 attractions available!


valid only on the chosen day

Price: €19 per person

(non-refundable, non-changeable, non-exchangeable)